The Kingsman Campaign

“This is an extremely dangerous machine. It should only be operated by someone as responsible and sane as me. Bad s**t can happen if this falls into the wrong hands.”
~ Richmond Valentine (played by Samuel L. Jackson) in Kingsman: The Secret Service

By Catherine Austin Fitts

My plan to ignore the US presidential campaign has failed.

The US political equivalent of ISIS chopping heads in a reality TV show format is upon us. It commands attention through outrageous behavior and — occasionally — actual life-and-death issues which have heretofore been censored. So, a real conversation is happening regardless of how the campaign story has been induced and manipulated.

I conducted a survey of my most astute allies over the past week. “What percentage of the polled support for Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton is being generated by the sophisticated application of entrainment technology and subliminal programming (or other mind control technologies) which operate through digital media and telecommunications?”

Here are the consensus results:

  1. The majority of the polled support for Trump and Clinton – 75-80% – depends on continued engineering of entrainment and subliminal programming.
  2. There is likely only one machinery: it is engineering support for Trump in certain targeted populations and engineering support for Clinton in other targeted populations.
  3. Creation of competition and drama full of divide-and-conquer is essential to the process…including media revenues. Fox is said to receive $250,000 for a 30-second ad spot during the debates, although Trump is said to be spending little.
  4. The percentage of the American people who understand the role of technology in forming their opinion or the opinion of others is less than 1%.  The vast majority of Americans sincerely believe that what is happening is an entirely natural phenomenon.
  5. The campaign is whiting out attention to much more important political and economic events both here and abroad.

If you want to understand the campaign, you need to see the movie Kingsman: The Secret Service now.

In the film, Samuel L. Jackson plays Richmond Valentine, a Silicon Valley billionaire who has given away free SIM cards and launched a network of global satellites. Valentine is using technology that can broadcast a tone through his telecom network which will cause people with or near one of the SIM cards to become uncontrollably violent.

In short, Valentine has created the power to create World War Z where millions of people turn into killer zombies. Despite an all-star cast including Colin Firth and Michael Caine, Kingsman is a dreadful movie. It has, however, done remarkably well at the box office. I suspect that this is because Kingsman captures something we suspect about Google and Facebook launching satellite networks and pouring investment into virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and robotics. Or why the FBI is fighting for back doors to the iPhone.

When Donald Trump first showed up on the campaign trail, I assumed that Karl Rove and related campaign engineers were simply using him to white out the young contenders so that that Jeb Bush got the Republican nomination. Wrong. To my astonishment, Team Bush invested $100 million without checking to see if  Richmond Valentine was dialing their tone.

How could they make such a mistake? $100 million is a lot of money to invest without ensuring that you have the basic necessities required to win. It would be like buying a Rolls Royce without any tires and not even noticing. The Bush family’s claim-to-fame has been engineering the covert side. How did they fail to line up the “secret team” for the US Presidential election???

Many years ago, a scientist sat me down before a flat-screen TV. Off and on throughout the next week, we watched numerous reality TV shows while he explained how mind control technologies were used to manipulate both audience and contestants.

Donald Trump has decades of experience performing and winning in entrainment-rich environments. The gambling industry’s rise in America is related to its ability to integrate digital technology in gambling machines to create mind controlled addictions (see my recent book review of Addiction by Design).

Trump’s media success came from doing reality TV shows. He clearly knows how to thrive in entrainment-rich environments. Note that Trump told the NY Times editorial board that proposing to build a wall on the Mexican border is simply what you say to win the election. It appears that he has not noticed what life has become for Obama — having to govern without the tones singing for you as they were during the campaign.

Now we are watching the meltdown of various establishment members (both Democrats and Republicans) as they contemplate the Trump phenomenon and the effect it will have on their various gravy trains.

Foremost on many people’s minds is, “Can Trump win the Republican nomination?” My response is that what happens next is entirely dependent on what tones Richmond Valentine intends to play. What is the score that Valentine’s investors are writing?

Only time and the playing of those tones will tell. Will Trump fizzle and fade after he has whited out the Republicans for Clinton? Or does Richmond Valentine have a more powerful change in mind?

While watching this unfold is not at all funny, there is comic relief in watching the objections of several richly compensated members of the establishment to Trump’s behavior. Mitt Romney recently objected to Trump.

Here are only a few examples of things I have never heard Mitt Romney object to:

  • The destruction of the American seed and food supply via GMO technology
  • The spraying of heavy metal and nano particles overhead
  • Narcotics trafficking and financial fraud by the US government and banking establishment
  • $8.5 trillion missing from the federal government
  • The failure to explain 9/11 or to hold anyone accountable
  • The end of privacy in America

The silence and complicity of the Democratic and Republican establishments in ongoing and systemic violations of the US Constitution (which have resulted in death and destruction throughout the US and the world) has reached mind boggling proportions.


Mitt Romney has fallen into the trap of believing that we are all willing to pretend that the “official” reality is real.

Nope, that’s over.

Ronald Reagan was a TV host before he was a politician. Richmond Valentine has simply decided to run with another TV host.

Every day that Trump gets closer to the nomination is a day that Richmond Valentine tells the Republican and Democratic hierarchies that he doesn’t need them. They are expensive and redundant. He can replace them in the cloud with a new set of tones.

So, each day I watch Valentine spin his dial and try to decide where he and his investors want to go as I pray for divine intervention to protect the people I love from the trance of the tones.

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  1. Catherine,

    You have provided the intellectual/spiritual underpinnings behind what needs to be done to obtain the transparency you advocate. Perhaps what is needed are the workers who will form lobbying/education/prayer groups to spread the news to the yet unknowing :”masses.”

    Maybe that’s the next stage needed. Maybe such groups could be talked about in your next program with Jon Rapport which appears to involve future topics, if not already recorded.

  2. Story and visual narrative such as Kingsman 2 is the perfect communication avenue for laying out how things work, entrainment and the devastating impact it can have on ordinary lives. And a powerful messaging channel to delver instructionals on how to identify and deflect and disassemble the infrastructure.

  3. A bumper sticker in the oil patch many years ago read, “If you do not have an oil well, get one.” To paraphrase, “If you have not watched Kingsman, Watch It !”

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