Transcript of “Coming Clean: Detox Power with Dr. Laura Thompson” Now Available!

Transcript of Coming Clean: Detox Power with Dr. Laura Thompson is now available to Subscribers!

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From the transcript:

Catherine: Our topic tonight is “Detoxification,” one in which I’ve spent a lot of time working with you personally. To give our listeners a background, I was with a wonderful family who’d been Solari Report subscribers for quite a while, and one of the things they talked about is, “We would love you to get Laura and do a show on detoxification – what it is, why it’s important, how we do it, what’s the process – and then describe the different ways to detoxify. We want to figure out how to do this as a family affair.” In response to that wonderful family’s request, Laura, we’re here. So why don’t we just dive in? What is detoxification, and why is it so important?

Laura: Well, first of all, it’s important to realize that we detoxify pretty much every second, and if we didn’t we’d be dead because the toxins would build up in the body, and we wouldn’t last very long if our detoxifying organs were not constantly working. So basically, I mean, it’s kind of like a good/bad thing. We have good things that we bring into our body; we have bad things that we bring into our body. And hopefully the good outweighs the bad because the body needs to get rid of a lot of the bad; in this case, we’re talking about toxins.

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