Transcript of “How the Youngest Generations Will Contribute with Neil Howe” Now Available!

Transcript of How the Youngest Generations Will Contribute with Neil Howe is now available to Subscribers!

From the transcript:

Catherine: Well, we have a wonderful production team at the Solari Report, and they’re all millennials, which is your term for the upcoming generation. And I can’t tell you how excited that they are that you’re going to be on tonight. And I think they’re thinking, “Oh, at last, somebody that can help explain to these older generations who we are and how to work with us.” So we’re very excited.

Neil: They want someone to explain just how special they are, right – so we all know that millennials are special. That’s the first thing I tell people; “They were special since they day they were born.”

Catherine: Well, I think they are special, so I have a point of view on that. Well, tell us about generational theory, how you came to develop it, and then introduce us to the generations that we are and that we’re working with.

Neil: Well, it’s a long story. I was working down as a policy analyst. I worked with Pete Peterson for many years writing books on entitlement policy and fiscal policy. And I came down to Washington. I met Bill Strauss, who had another career, actually. He founded the Capitol Steps. So they used to introduce us on stage, and they would say to Bill – he’s – you know, they’d point to me. They’d say I’m historical, and to Bill they’d say he’s hysterical. So that’s how we would get introduced.