What to Do When Things Aren’t Working, A Jon Rappoport Report


“There’s too much ‘easy’ going on! ~Jon Rappoport”

By Catherine Austin Fitts

Ever get bogged down? You start off living your dream, following your passion. Then one day you realize you’re stuck in the mud.

This happens to me. The beginning of the year is a time focused on what I call “the business of the business” – that means taxes, administration, compliance, regulatory issues.  Quick calculations show that our team is working nearly half the year to comply with and fund complex government requirements. I would like to be spending that time serving our subscribers or wandering the world. It’s easy to lose a sense of powerful purpose.

What do you do? How do you restore, refresh and return to that state of flow?

This week on The Solari Report, Jon Rappoport describes what to do when the going gets tough. I feel like a huge psychic tow truck just pulled me out of my mental ditch.

If you need some “break away” inspiration, this one is for you!

I will be posting the latest on Money & Markets on Thursday as well, so post and e-mail your questions for Ask Catherine.

This week for Let’s Go to the Movies I will review Floored.It’s a film about the business behind the Chicago Trading Floor, and the impacts of new technologies.

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