Silent Revulsion at the UN

“The world is aflood with dark psychic fluid – everything’s stained with it.” ~ Michael Ventura

By Catherine Austin Fitts

What if the entire UN General Assembly got into a time machine and had to live through – all over again – the “Yellow Cake Uranium” speech by the American’s that justified the Iraq invasion? What would their faces look like?

Watch the faces in the audience as they take in Obama’s speech to the General Assembly last week.

It is quite remarkable to see this many professional diplomats unable or unwilling to hide their revulsion, horror, hatred or nauseousness. Indeed, the struggle on the faces of the most controlled – such as the UK delegation – underscores the extent to which the spin doctors are out of bullets.

It was not just the audience. President Obama was clearly struggling to maintain a straight face.

The official story has never been thinner. Take a moment to contemplate what this means and where this might lead. Who controls what “death star” that could persuade this many educated, intelligent humans to engage in behavior this unnatural for all the world to see?

(Many thanks to our ally blogger nines for the images!)

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