Morphic Resonance & the Invasive Push for Invisible Control

“Walk in wisdom toward them that are without, redeeming the time.” ~ Colossians 4:5

By Catherine Austin Fitts

In the early 1990’s I started to load data on mortgages and federal credit and spending into relational databases that would allow me to map out and simulate economies by place and to organize and show financial phenomenon using GIS software. That brought up the question, what is a place? It is it a unit of government jurisdiction and spending? Is it a postal code? Is it a natural ecosystem?

I also started looking for explanations of how local economies worked that aligned with the behavior I observed when I was Assistant Secretary of Housing and ran the Federal Housing Administration. I was always struck by how different things were then market theories. Many people did not respond to the financial markets. When financial returns shifted many people did not shift with them. They came instead to Washington to lobby Congress and the Administration to change the rules or provide subsidies to maintain the profits of their traditional actitivies so they did not have to change. They could keep being profitable at what they knew how to do and their infrastructure was set up to do. It seemed as if markets optimized within boundaries created by a variety of things, among them were pools of shared knowledge and intellectual capital. Whether through laws, regulations, standards and protocols, or subsidies, government was a major arbitrator of “group intelligence.”

It was about that time I read Presence of the Past by Rupert Sheldrake which explains his theory of morphic resonance and morphogenic fields and explores ways that collective memory may be shared through time and space. Sheldrake’s theory was the first that I found that explained the phenomenon that I had been observing in local economies.

It appeared that living systems have energetic fields that are part of defining a collective “we” – whether places, tribes or networks.

Great effort has been made to scoff at Sheldrake’s theories. I came to take them seriously as a result of what happened next. I entered a period of immersive litigation and upon reverse engineering the cumulative behavior of the opposition, I discovered that in practice they did believe in the theory of morphogenic fields or “morphic resonance” as their goal was to destroy a person’s or group’s energetic field. Destroy a person’s connections to their energetic fields and you can isolate them and destroy their power. If you study government and corporate funded disinformation efforts and covert operations involving psy ops, their goal is to prevent a powerful new field from gathering and growing. These subtle, invisible games with information or divide and conquer tactics are very powerful in their ability to protect central control.

Whether financial markets or political controllers, Sheldrake’s theories are invaluable to understanding the gathering and exercise of power. The Bible, my go to source for spiritual warfare, says the same thing to me as Sheldrake. Read the story of the walls coming down in Jericho. Read the story of Gideon. Or simply ponder the meaning of the scripture, “Where two or more are gathered in my name, there am I.” These are stories about the nature of morphic resonance.

This notion just keeps coming up these days as efforts at invasive control grow which often include the targeting and destruction of local and regional fields. As that happens we see waves of media engaging in “projective identification” – picking to death any “bad” philosophies inherent in that field. This is why the liberation of women is so often used as an advance attacking wave in the “soft revolutions.”

Let’s take what is happening along the US border. We have waves of engineered illegal immigration and there is significant evidence to be concerned regarding the covert operations involved. Professionals understand that children can be mind controlled and trained to be professional assassins at very young ages, including for drug cartels that operate on the US southern borders. They and the Republican Congressman who are trying to ensure that US citizens who live along the borders are protected are being postured to look like they are heartless. Nothing could be further from the truth. However decades have gone into building up “politically correct” media weapons that can target caucasian men who take responsibility, understand the covert economy and related risks to the overt economy and have the skills to determine and change policy. They are “racist.”

This weekend, someone asked me about a colleague’s website, Why I Left Sweden. It sounds like the same targeting is going on in Scandinavia. “Multiculturalism” in my experience is typically not an effort to help us get along with each other. It is, rather, an engineered effort to dilute and destroy a local field in a manner that enhances centralized control. It destroys the collective intelligence that supports collective action and makes it easier to run everything through machines. The question for someone is how to attack it for what it is without getting embroiled in the “racist,” “sexist,” and “anti-semantic” traps that have been set up to ensnare those who object.

Whatever the targeting of local fields to date, it is nothing compared to what is coming. Transhumanism and biotech are revolutionizing human biology and our intelligence as we speak. I just saw the new French action film Lucy on Friday. It is about a young woman who overdoses on a new synthetic drug that allows her to access 100% of her intelligence – including the intelligence of all the fields around her. Morgan Freeman plays the scientist who inspires us to think about the nature of our individual and collective intelligence throughout.

The debate about the fundamental nature of human and living intelligence – what it is, where it comes from and how we organize it into something that produces a loving, healthy culture and civilization – is upon us.

Those who wish to centralize control believe that they can win by intellectual aggression. It won’t work, but it is highly aggressive, deeply invasive and is going to waste an ever increasing amount of air time. While that is happening let’s do our best to practice the energetics and nurture the fields that support lawful, productive, and intelligent cooperation to build a more enlightened civilization that can and will emerge from this time.

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