Blockbuster Chartology with Rambus

“I know there are a lot of folks that are frozen in the headlights right now not knowing what to do. It’s never easy to switch one’s opinion that may have been in place for literally years. The chartology is strongly suggesting that a change is taking place right here and now not because of what some analysis is saying but it’s what the charts are saying that matters the most.”
~ Rambus Chartology

Rambus is the online “handle” of the proprietor of Rambus Chartology, my “go to” site for technical analysis. Rambus joins us this week for his quarterly Blockbuster Chartology.

In this week’s report, Rambus will review global charts (in written form) including updates on the dollar, gold and the equity markets. In Money & Markets, I will address numerous questions inspired by the charts.

Our January report from Rambus – Are We In in a Deflationary Spiral? – is excellent background as well as our financial round up from the 1st Quarter Wrap Up.

Reviewing these charts is one of my preferred methods for mapping out money flows on Planet Earth. It provides a powerful perspective on prices and relative relationships between sectors across all markets.

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Enjoy our new Just a Taste video. As the Rambus interview is written, we are highlighting our discussion with Dr. Farrell in last week’s 1st Quarter Wrap Up. You don’t want to miss it!

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