Winter Wellness with Dr. Laura Thompson

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The Solari Report 2013-12-19

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The Solari Report 2013-12-19

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“Hello Catherine. I’m a new subscriber. I’ve followed your work on Unpacking Mr. Global for a few years with great delight and enthusiasm. Nothing interests me more or excites me more than putting on the “They Live” glasses and looking behind the curtain. I have many questions but I’ll only ask one for now. Concerning Al Gore’s recent anti-oil campaign: do you think it’s possible that Mr. Global is using “Useful Idiot” Gore to get big University Endowments to sell their blocks of shares in a bit of panic to Power Elite insiders? This question is premised on the assumption that Mr. Global has BIG plans for exporting refined product, petrochemicals, LNG etc. and shoring up the Empire from its base in the US (along with Agriculture as you point out.) This article from Foreign Affairs (was this the article you were thinking of in the Jim Norman interview?) basically says: screw the middle east, decrease consumption of refined product in US by using alternatives at the margin and then export refined product and LNG.

Basically Al Gore says sell Big Oil and Warren Buffett buys Exxon. I think Warren is savvy and Gore is a stooge. What do you think?

Thanks for your time Catherine. I know your so busy.”

Dear Solari:

I’ve heard Catherine speak about similar activity that’s been going on within our government. Here is an article and a video discussing people and companies who’ve been submitting their own technology to the government, and then the government begins plagiarizing and using the technology for themselves:

Yes – interview of musk saying they never file patents because it is just makes it easier for other people to steal it.

Govt – may not be policy – but individual bureaucrats or politicians feeding “friends”

Dear Catherine:

For many, many years people have been complaining about our government. But do you think it’s safe to say that from the perspective of the powers that be, that our government is pretty much functioning exactly the way they want it to?

Hi Catherine:

Could you please comment on the following information from John Hathaway of the Tocqueville Gold Fund?

Does this mean that an out going bank wire is going to be stopped in the US and 30% taken out if I send $ to GoldMoney?

Dear Catherine:
Lindsey Williams made some comments about a “Global Currency (Dollar) Reset” possibly on the horizon for 2014. I would like your thoughts on the likelihood of this occurring and who would benefit the most from it. Since almost all currencies are fiat these days I find it hard to fathom what the replacement would be. Yet the thought of holding worthless Dollars makes me want to put most of my assets into gold and silver.
Thank You

December 19: Winter Wellness with Dr. Laura Thompson
December 26: A Jon Rappoport Report
January 2: Year End Wrap-Up

Subscriber Resource:

Boost Immunity and Winterize Your Life – Dr. Laura Thompson

  1. What is the immune system?
  2. The Big 3: Winter target organs: Immune/lymph, gut, adrenals
  3. What are indictors of a compromised immune system? Cold, flu, herpes, allergies, etc.
  4. How does a healthy immune system look and feel?
  5. 5 eating habits that weaken immune function
  6. Other immune depleters: vaccines, stress, environmental toxins, radiation
  7. 10 immune boosting strategies
  8. Adaptability to weather, temperature, light/dark: The Endocrine System
  9. New Years’ resolution – detox, balance, activity

Dr. Laura Thompson’s Natural Medicine Cabinent 2014 (PDF)

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“What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness?” 
 ~ John Steinbeck

By Catherine Austin Fitts

I love this time of year. Yet, I am struck by how many of our subscribers lose time to the ills of winter.

The holidays are more enjoyable without colds and flu. And the new year is so much more rejuvenating when we invest in “major maintenance” – fasts, detox programs or steps to build our immune systems.  Whether you are closing your books, preparing your taxes or managing a volatile market, 1st quarter finances call for strong personal energy.

So I asked my nutritionist,  Dr. Laura Thompson, founder of the Southern California Institute of Nutrition, to join me for the Solari Report to talk about winter wellness.

What are the risks and opportunities you want to consider to stay well over the new few months, particularly given more severe and variable weather patterns? What strategies are cost effective? The implementation of federal health care laws has underscored the importance of doing what we can with natural methods.

We will draw on Laura’s previous interviews on the Solari Report:

Because the winter blues are always a possibility during this time of year, for Lets Go to the Movies, I am going to point you to our list of The 20 Funniest Movies, including Rosaline Russell’s classic Auntie Mame.

In Money & Markets, I will discuss current markets and financial headlines from around the world.

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The Solari Report 2013-12-19

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Audio Chapters


“Get Ready, Get Ready, Get Ready!”

Money & Markets In Money and Markets, Catherine covers the recent Fed Taper announcement. Other news covered includes the Bank of England going to all plastic by 2016 and the recent Bitcoin block by BTC China.

Hero For our Hero this week is Dave Andrews, the executive director of Michael Fields Agricultural Institute in East Troy, Wisconsin.

Ask Catherine Catherine answers questions submitted by subscribers.

Discussion Catherine discusses her interview with Dr. Laura Thompson in which they discuss how to stay healthy in the cold weather, and keep the winter blues away.

Let’s Go to the Movies! This week Catherine looks at our 20 Funniest Movies which includes Rosaline Russell’s Auntie Mame.


See you Thursday!