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Your hosts for this seminar are Catherine Austin Fitts, president of Solari, Inc. and successful Wall Street and Washington DC investment banker, and Franklin Sanders, President of The Moneychangers and successful farmer, precious metals expert, and pastor. For an overview see the course Description and Outline below. For a quick rundown on how our audio seminars are conducted, see How Solari Audio Seminars Work. You are encouraged to read the article(s) listed under Recommended Reading before posting your questions or tuning in. To listen to the seminar, click on the Download Audio Recording link. We will end each event with a brief invocation.



This audio seminar was recorded live on October 20, 2005.  

After the devastating impact and aftermath of hurricanes Katrina, Rita, and Wilma, we felt that many folks in our networks were grappling with a change in paradigm. It's dawning on us that we are on our own. We cannot afford to depend on centralized systems. We cannot look to government to help us -- indeed government and government contractors may be harmful to our health!

As we find creative ways to help the people who have lost family, homes and businesses through these risky times, it is also helpful to begin lining up our own "lifeboats" by assessing and bolstering our personal resources and our family and community connections.

Franklin and I were each inspired to make this shift earlier than most Americans. So we thought we would have a conversation about what we learned in the process that may be useful to others who are concerned with turning the negative to positive, and transforming our individual situation in a way that transforms our world.

We hope this audio seminar and the supporting links and recommended readings will bless you as we have been blessed.

  1. Introduction
    -- Catherine Austin Fitts
    -- Franklin Sanders

  2. Attacked by the Tapeworm

  3. Moving Into Leadership to Build a New World

  4. Getting the Tapeworm Out of Your Mind, Heart and Life

  5. Building a Life Learning How to Deal Successfully with Blows
    -- Attitude
    -- Discipline
    -- Positive Action
    -- Managing Anger
    -- Joy and Beauty
    -- A Plan for the Worst Case

  6. Staying Healthy

  7. Going Local; Building Local Economic Health

    a. Start now -- build up help that you need, by helping others
         -- Family
         -- Friends
         -- Neighbors

    b. Do it in a way that cuts off the Tapeworm's resources one neighborhood at a time. The Tapeworm tries to get you to ignore your family and neighbors and work on things where you can have an effect such as national political activity

    c. Develop economic self-sufficiency -- local knowledge, local skills, local tools and infrastructure, local farmers, local business. We can't wait for another Katrina to start now

    d. Pursue politics to roll back regulations -- regulations are made to advantage the large players. Roll back local regulations

    e. Identify people and networks that have the knowledge you need in your community to de-professionalize critical functions

    f. Don't take anything for granted

    g. Networking -- supporting each other in building a team to invent a new world

  8. Closing Advice:
    -- Don't complain
    -- Work on the issue - not in it
    -- We are called to a purpose

  9. Questions & Answers

  10. Invocation

Catherine has written a companion piece to this seminar based on her own personal experiences, reflections and recommended links -- On Building Lifeboats (October 2005). She also highly recommends Franklin's newsletters and reports available at The Moneychanger (click on the Moneychangers Subscription Offer at left for special offer to our listeners).

See companion piece On Building Lifeboats for an extensive listing of links and supplemental resources.

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