Jay Dyer – Unpacking What Movies Tell Us About Mind Control

“The mind is everything. What you think, you become.”
~ The Buddha

By Catherine Austin Fitts

The divine intelligence is a great power, as is the human spirit and all of life. To unleash this power in our lives requires overcoming the man-made obstacles placed in our paths by mind control — in all its various forms.

How do we free ourselves from mind control manipulation and programming? The first step is knowing that these techniques and technologies exist. Next, we learn what we can about how mind control works. In the process, our understanding of the impact that mind control has on our lives and on society around us grows. Finally, we can choose to take steps to free ourselves while living in a society where many choose not to do the same.

One way of learning about mind control in all its aspects is to unpack what Hollywood tells us. This week on the Solari Report, Jay Dyer of Jay’s Analysis joins me to review twelve movies that teach us a great deal about mind control and related technologies. I met Jay at Secret Space Program 2015 where he wowed us with his presentation on what Hollywood says about secret space programs. Jay’s mastery of cinema and the “deep state” is unique. You can view links to his reviews of the movies we’ll discuss this week below.

There will be no Money & Markets segment this week. I look forward to answering your questions and comments and reporting on our subscriber luncheon in New York with Richard Dolan in Money & Markets the following week.

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Additional Movies We Discuss in this Report:

  • The Bourne Trilogy
  • They Live

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  1. Given that the elites value secrecy and deal in the shadows why would they produce or allow to be produced through their controlled entertainment media, movies that are helpful in unraveling their whole secret agenda, an agenda which they are all the while trying to keep us from understanding ? How does this serve their interests ? Is there a contradiction here ?

    Certainly the movies discussed are very revealing in terms of the hidden agenda.

    • Great question. My guess – It’s a steam valve. It appears to me that without some disclosure, the pressure that builds up against the system threatens it. Partial disclosures moves the system along.

      • That makes a great deal of sense. I believe the spy term is “limited hangout”. It discourages further investigation but implies there is more to be revealed. Thanks for your reply

  2. When Catherine states, “There are other people who take it back to the Crusaders coming back to
    Europe from the Middle East, where they had run into the original “assassins“
    and used mind control to create the perfect assassin.”; Who is she talking about? Who are these other people?

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