2nd Quarter 2015 Wrap Up – News, Trends & Stories with Dr. Joseph Farrell

The Heartland

By Catherine Austin Fitts

On my drive across the country, I stopped to discuss with Dr. Joseph Farrell our 2nd Quarter Wrap UpThe Worricker Trilogy and his new book, The Third Way.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to watch The Worricker Trilogy – the BBC series I have discussed and written about extensively – now would be a good time to do so. I sent my DVD set to Dr. Farrell several weeks ago and he proceeded to watch it five times! I sensed that this series had an important message for Americans (and for the world) and Dr. Farrell more than confirmed my hunch.

With respect to the Anglo-American alliance, one possibility is that there is a fundamental non-alignment between 1) the need to manage risk in this relationship and 2) the hidden system of finance which Dr. Farrell often refers to. Have we reached a “boiling point” where one or the other has to come out on top?

If this is what’s going on inside the Anglo-American alliance, then we’re talking about big governance issues. These will either have to get worked out…or we are looking at difficult times for the United States. Remember that the City of London has more billionaires than America and the Crown runs the largest network of offshore banking centers in the world. Obviously, there are huge implications here.

Dr. Farrell goes on to state:

“Markets ultimately correct themselves no matter how much central control you try to place on them. This is economic reality. The real problem is: are we going to have the leadership? The American financial elite began in the early 20th century (through their network of foundations) to surround themselves with people who had the same ideology. When you surround yourselves with people who think like you do and you’re confronted with a new circumstance that doesn’t conform to your ideology, then you can’t think outside the box.

“The fact that the American leadership is now calcified because it is no longer able to entertain any ideas that conflict with its central dogmas is a very bad situation. They are not responding to reality. The Supreme Court is not responding to reality. The markets are not responding to reality.”

Please join Dr. Joseph Farrell and me for the latest in our series of “high-octane speculations” on the Solari Report this week.

I will address current market developments and geopolitics in Money & Markets.

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  1. Hello Catherine,

    As always, we are looking forward to your Solari Report – especially with Joseph Farrell!

    We have a question for you: In a recent Solari Report, you commented that it was important to have awareness to where folks are this September and October. There are also many other discussions about the coming months, coming from many different directions. Can you explain why you made that comment, and what you think may be in store this fall, how to be prepared, and what sort of awareness one should have regarding where they are during this time?

    Thank you so much!

  2. Exactly. The Documentary film ‘The Forecaster’ does mention that, M Armstrong who was imprisoned for 12 years or so for not sharing his economic model, the film explains, and that his model is based off of Synchronicity’s Call-Number, Pi. He states 2015.75 is irrefutably an ‘end’ point. If we need to be somewhere when this pre-planned D-Day comes, I want to be with a group of like-minded Americans who are going to keep their heads, and not only survive, but prevail. Not only prevail, but ‘to focus and build a better America from the ashes of what the elites have done’… God willing, this Fall will be far-less unpleasant, far-more pleasant than we have all seemed to be hearing with these pre-dictions. I for one welcome any challenge, this is just a big, seemingly big big, one.

    See link for Armstrong – http://www.armstrongeconomics.com/archives/tag/2015-75 – I continue –

    Catherine, I’m sure you must identify this real concern so many have. Is the Solari report interested in tackling this issue, can we talk about it here openly? Mayhaps a few shimmering points of light coalesce in the wake of these discussions? This is truly the safest and most trustworthy site on the web I have found when it comes to dealing with the economic aspect of this world’s stage. Thank you for making what you have already made available available. What is the best course of action to take with regards to being in particular places, what resources might be needed? Etc. If it is a lot to ask, it is because you have proven how On you are.

    P.S. Another who does so much is Joseph Farrell! I’m looking forward to ‘At Home in the Heartland’ today. You’re both heroes in my book. The book is just beginning to be written. It strikes me that as a character, and I wish him only health, Joseph would look amazing, AMAZING, with an eye-patch. You can see him, fearlessly on the bow of the ship, the spray of the mist flashing over him as the keel rocks up and down, firmly determined to save the American people, gritting his teeth down on his long-cigarette holder, we hear high above from the lookout mast the booming starling voice of our dear Captain Catherine, flank to starboard kiddies! she yells, if we’re going to avoid this one we’re going to have to turn HARD!

    Ah…. Good morning Captain!

  3. Actually, the second nickname I was given in the Bush Administration was “rebel commander” 🙂 The first was “the bimbo” but it did not stick. 🙂

    I will be addressing the September issue in Money & Markets tonight.

  4. “the Shmita, I won’t even try and describe what that is.” That made me laugh out loud.
    God it was fun hearing that…
    It’s quit absurd, people who could care less about the Mayans counting on 2012, and now the Jewish law comes in, true pluralism, hu?
    I grew up in a Jewish environment, never new Shmita was supposed to have ‘mystical properties’…
    It’s strange even seeing that word written phonetically in English… god bless, but I admit the fear-porn is working it’s magic on me as well, all this stress building up and so many things going down in the fall.

    Small question – I don’t understand who and how can this fear serve?

    Thank you, and have a wonderful weekend for anyone who’s reading this 🙂

  5. CAF: Singapore has launched what they are calling “Smart Nation” to innovate their infrastructure, energy management and healthcare into the future.

    ““Our future will depend not only on adapting and perfecting what has been done elsewhere, but more and more on creating value in Singapore — through new skills and technologies, original business solutions and a spirit of experimentation in society,” Finance Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam said in a speech on Monday.

    Advanced manufacturing, applied health sciences, smart and sustainable urban solutions, logistics and aerospace, as well as Asian and global financial services can help drive the city’s growth in the coming years, the Singapore Economic Development Board said in an e-mailed response to questions. Its corporate investment arm, EDBI, is pursuing opportunities in sectors including digital health, energy efficiency, the Internet of Things and Robotics, the unit said.

    “We are starting from a position of strength with global leaderships in multiple sectors,” the EDB said. “To take us to the next stage, we will have to grow our innovation capacity by leveraging the capabilities of our local small and medium enterprises and forging deeper collaborations between local and international companies.””

  6. Nathan Miller Foster:

    Martin Armstrong says 2017.75 (Sept. 30-Oct. 1) is the beginning of the ‘Big Bang’ –“the government funding crisis on a global scale”. 2017.75 marks the shift in confidence in public debt and money beginning a very long term shift into something else. This sort of event hasn’t happened in over 300 years and nobody has any personal experience to pontificate from. That is why Martin reiterates that this is not his opinion but based on the computer artificial intelligence program he created sitting atop $100s of millions of historical research data back to pre-Roman Empire. He says, depending on how draconian the government becomes responding to it’s lost legitimacy and revenues it could mark the beginning of the New Dark Ages, as in last days of Rome, when citizens just abandoned any property and left, or humans might change systems, instead of making the same mistakes over and over while expecting better results. Sept. 30 is not THE END, just a beginning of big changes.

    • John:

      I don’t give much weight to “black boxes.” I do think that serious analysis of history adds a lot. In the end the software produces an opinion. Nothing magical about using AI or lots of data.

      There is a 100% chance of a sovereign bond crisis. It has already started. Nations have issued more debt than they can support. Argentina defaulted. Greece defaulted, Puerto Rico defaulted.

      When the Fed raises interest rates on top of plunging commodities prices, that is when we will see more serious unravelling begin.

      I just finished watching The Forecaster. Fascinating and well done.

  7. As usual, was pretty much hanging on to every word you two discussed (and to think we had to wait a whole month for it!) Wonderful, creepy, enlightening… still waiting for Dr. Farrell’s new book. So many of the puzzle pieces seem to be falling into place and I regret that more people are neither interested nor informed enough to “get it” even when they are told about this history. His comment at the end (get the book before they can it) made me curious as to whether this is why Amazon is so slow to deliver. Some people cancelled their Amazon orders and went on to more expeditious vendors.

    Those of us in Texas who are such ardent followers feel entirely blessed: Catherine in August and “everyone” at the end of October! I personally could not be more thrilled and thankful.


  8. Hi Catherine,

    What is the title of Dr. Farrell’s book? I went to purchase it on his website but I can’t find it.

    Also, would you think about having internet experts on that explain the nuts and bolts of how things work. Our options as user’s. For example: I use Yahoo as an provider of email, but I don’t like them. Hotmail was the first that us little guys used and now I experience the little guy syndrome once again that forced our use on one common service.

    Can you have an “Global” expert/s on to speak and break this down for the average person? After all, the average guy is forced to have his money on-line, but he has no idea how any of this works.

    I appreciate your affinity for complexity since as an individual I deal with it more often than an individual should, but I approach it differently with various results.

    As an individual, a real live one, I prefer to break down complexity to the individual level. When I do this I can speak to groups-think and sway “their” thinking back to their own individual thinking. I really don’t think that it’s hard. I think we choose hard.

    I wonder if you support this notion?

    With Wonder,


  9. Once again, as I listen to Joseph Farrell I am reminded of the work of Mae Brussell. It really astounding to me how she picked the basics of this in the 70’s and 80’s. I have a feeling that Joseph’s latest book will again correlate with what she found out thirty years ago. I would like if Joseph has any information on two things she found to be very important: one, the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, and two, the mentor of Kissinger and Alexander Haig, an interesting man named Fritz Kramer.

    Hopefully, posting this won’t get your site hacked again.

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