2nd Quarter 2015 Wrap Up – News, Trends & Stories with Dr. Joseph Farrell

The Heartland

By Catherine Austin Fitts

On my drive across the country, I stopped to discuss with Dr. Joseph Farrell our 2nd Quarter Wrap UpThe Worricker Trilogy and his new book, The Third Way.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to watch The Worricker Trilogy – the BBC series I have discussed and written about extensively – now would be a good time to do so. I sent my DVD set to Dr. Farrell several weeks ago and he proceeded to watch it five times! I sensed that this series had an important message for Americans (and for the world) and Dr. Farrell more than confirmed my hunch.

With respect to the Anglo-American alliance, one possibility is that there is a fundamental non-alignment between 1) the need to manage risk in this relationship and 2) the hidden system of finance which Dr. Farrell often refers to. Have we reached a “boiling point” where one or the other has to come out on top?

If this is what’s going on inside the Anglo-American alliance, then we’re talking about big governance issues. These will either have to get worked out…or we are looking at difficult times for the United States. Remember that the City of London has more billionaires than America and the Crown runs the largest network of offshore banking centers in the world. Obviously, there are huge implications here.

Dr. Farrell goes on to state:

“Markets ultimately correct themselves no matter how much central control you try to place on them. This is economic reality. The real problem is: are we going to have the leadership? The American financial elite began in the early 20th century (through their network of foundations) to surround themselves with people who had the same ideology. When you surround yourselves with people who think like you do and you’re confronted with a new circumstance that doesn’t conform to your ideology, then you can’t think outside the box.

“The fact that the American leadership is now calcified because it is no longer able to entertain any ideas that conflict with its central dogmas is a very bad situation. They are not responding to reality. The Supreme Court is not responding to reality. The markets are not responding to reality.”

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