Spiritual Warfare with Rev. Franklin Sanders

“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” ~ Ephesians 6:12

By Catherine Austin Fitts

In recent months I have received an increasing number of requests to address spiritual warfare and the most powerful, invisible forces that operate in our world.

I asked Franklin Sanders, who serves as Reverend and minister of Christ Our Hope Reformed Episcopal Church in West Point, Tennessee where I am a member, to join me. An understanding of spiritual warfare is more than a personal interest. It has helped to bring us safely through some mighty dangerous times.

Franklin and I have agreed we can speak our minds, so be prepared for a serious yet very lively discussion. We will speak as Christians with an expectation to add value to our listeners whatever your spiritual practice.

In Money & Markets this week I will discuss the latest news in the financial markets and geopolitics.

In Let’s Go to the Movies, I will review a reading by John Cleese of The Screwtape Letters by C. S. Lewis as well as the animated cartoon movie, Monsters, Inc. These are two personal favorites that speak to critical aspects of spiritual warfare.

Talk to you Thursday!


  1. I went to see Monsters Inc. at the theatre when it came out, years ago and loved it… A while back you mentioned that the basic premise of Monsters Inc, is that “fear generates the energy that runs the country,” and this gave me a whole new perspective on the movie. So: Do you think that the movie was an attempt to tell us all something? Maybe this is what you’ll talk about Thursday. thank you…

  2. OK, every time I try to make a post and think I’m on the right page I find I am not. I skim looong posts since I have no time to read everything, but these post’ are short and still I’m starting to wonder if I am the only one off topic and such.

    O.K. Here’s my little little experience, I was listening to Mr. Franklin and I knew where he and Ms. Fitts were headed so I bowed my head in prayer since I believe in prayer no matter what. And I come to this page to thank their offering and I come up confused by the whole blog thing, internet thing whatever it is I’m doing on here trying to DO the right thing and I come up short, which means another forum to lose my mind on. Can some one anywhere try to work with me here?

    @ the ’06 crash I kept typing the word GOD in the header. I did it over and over again since I felt such pervasive evil on the net that that was all I could do even though I was scared to bits…I typed in…let me think…religion…oh God…let me think….I typed in evil and found plenty of google pages turn up. Which only made me ask why over and over again and typed more pages of God. And now we have pages of God. I bow my humble head. I don’t know if my pro-active typing did anything, but look where we are now. Loving with heads bowed to his glory. I am a Christian, but with the utmost humility and tenderness and grace and forgive me, Jesus, but spreading the word has hurt us, since some have gone off the reservation with revelation. I’m too humble to know you or your Father, so sorry for my thinking rebellion. We have been put into a quagmire so I need to think and pray constantly on this quagmire, yet all it serves is my anger a sort of reduction into a childish mind. There is no one… nor educated experience …nor discipline that has cured my anger…I detest this internet experience, yet I come here since other christian slaves have also come here, too, whether they like to admit it or not…we are All Slaves Now. I’m giving us a title.
    My anger is not at you, my anger is how sleepy and accepting we are at the modern day that you once defeated. But, maybe it was just a story for childish Christian’s? I’m asking you, God.

    I drive myself to “death,” Lord seeking enough to sustain my family And and this is a big AND to defeat the M’Fr’s that steal from us (I bow my head in shame and forgiveness). You know God, how much anger I have. You see my soul

    I stopped writing when soul came up since only God sees it and I bow my head before I typed again and after. Quiet…in prayer.

    My soul is quiet…it fears nothing and hears nothing. I trust. There is no great love to wreck peace, there is no great love to encourage, there is no great love to influence, there is no great love to drive…there is just peace. And it is Not boring. It is gentle, kind, relaxing (my extended family knows I’ve never experienced relaxing..funny)…It is the most heavenly experience, yet I honestly can’t be…strike that…maybe Rapport can teach me how…maybe that is where I MUST go.

    I only trust God, though, so I doubt any human could take me to that place. But, what a wonderful place.

    And what if Rapport just did and I didn’t notice…

    Thanks John. Thank you, Franklin.

    I give a hug to God tonight for the anger that he took away from me through your spirit’s. In “this present not so present state” it is difficult to tell you that is Not easy. You guys might not have prayed for me directly, but something happened. I have no anger.

    Send me along now, God, to do your will.

  3. I would find it interesting if you would report on blood types as it might pertain to the weird and unusual. My mother is quite up their in age and she and I were talking about why she has 2 daughter’s and only one of her daughter’s experienced natural abortions, along with the same number of natural births while the other experienced two successful births. We found it curious that we both had the same blood type, yet our husbands had the same blood type that is common to the population, yet I was the one that experienced miscarriage. I had a Jewish doctor as I came to be a card carrier of the unusual blood-type after one miscarriage that when he saw my card said: “Oh, you are unique…different…fair…something like that… I did not know what to think of it at the time, but I had an usual experience when in hospital, also, and always “felt’ weird. I was treated differently even though I aborted naturally before. I now know I”m “different” in blood-type even from my family of origin, but it still puzzles us to this day. We can only figure that both my parents were of the same blood type, but somehow I was the only one that carried the “recessive” gene? Whatever that means.

    I don’t want to get into 1970’s medicine at the time or the ‘military” birth I experienced naturally walking down the hallway with the literal cockroaches, but I have experience that is interesting. I laugh as I write this. And by the way, I am also grateful despite the freakishness of my individual births, both public and private. Neither one were ideal.

    Maybe it was my blood-type?

    My personal responsibility would be to sew up my (can I say vagina)? It’s too old anyway.

    OK, I’m kidding. But, the personal responsibility would be NOT voting in Hillary or George or George or Mitt. But as everyone talks I have to get outta dodge, since there is WAY too much talking in this country and NOT enough doing.

    Still love everyone, though.

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