Spiritual Warfare with Rev. Franklin Sanders

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The Solari Report 2014-10-09

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The Solari Report 2014-10-09

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Theme “Surfing the Ebola Bailouts”

Money & Markets Catherine discusses the fears of Ebola in the United States, she also covers bonds and other financial news both domestic and abroad.

Hero Our hero this week is Ben Hall, a Michigan Police Officer.

Ask Catherine Catherine answers questions submitted by subscribers.

Question #1:

Hello Catherine:
In tonight’s broadcast please comment on Eric Holder’s resignation. Does this mean he will not face prosecution for his crimes? Could it be an indication that the elites are backing down?

Question #2:

Hello. Why were you so disparaging of King World News last time. I felt you were totally dismissive. Some guests are quite good. Paul Craig Roberts, Jim Richards and Nigel Farage to name three are worth listening to in my opinion.

Question #3:

Hi Catherine,
I read on your blog post today, you are driving across the SW to Albuquerque for a partners luncheon. It seems like I read/heard you mention you didn’t fly much, but actually enjoyed driving long distances. So saying, I did the ‘psalm on the forehead’ thinking why didn’t I invite you to stop in Austin on your return home, and meet some of your fans here.

Question #4:

Hello Catherine,

Have you or any of your members done any due diligence on this outfit?

Their premise is that you may set yourself up as an IRA custodian, and control your own assets personally- including metals.

This is an attractive idea, as offshore storage- or even out of state storage- may become problematic in the multiverse of the future….

Thanks for any light you can share!

Numerous IRA custodians – including first rate Swiss money managers who will buy and hold buillion at first rate Swiss custodians if an account Is large enough

Question #5:

Dear Catherine,

I am invested in productive historically undervalued mining stocks that I believe will substantially increase in future value. In the mean-time, however, they can be further manipulated downward or drop in a generalized market crash. Do you favor using stop losses set at a given percentage and do you think limit stop losses might be safer than market stop losses? I know these are technical issues and individual investors’ circumstances vary but we all face similar dilemnas. Could you recommend a discussion on prudent defensive investing– stop losses, puts, cash, allocation, etc– or put one together? Thanks.

Question #6:

Hello Catherine and Friends:
I just finished listening to your Solari Report on 9-18-14. You mentioned strategic planning and visioning as related to your 3-5 year plan.

I was inspired to send a comment: We don’t need more organizations…we need organisms. They need to be self organizing, self sustaining and self regulating.
The image is bacteria or clouds!

I was working with these ideas when I retired but have continued to maintain a fascination with them. The most successful business model (thus far) of this kind of group is the 12 Step’s Anonymous movement. There is literally an anonymous 12 step group for everything today.

Question #7:

Dear Catherine:

Here is the link to the trailer for the new movie about what happened to journalist Gary Webb, and judging from the trailer it looks like it will be a good movie!

Question #8:

Hi Catherine,

You have mentioned in various discussions that there is a total return on an in-vestment which includes: (1) the investment itself, and (2) the return to the net-work. You have noted that companies that have a good investment but suck the life out of their network ultimately fail.

While I have seen examples where companies that invest in both their idea and their network are more successful than those who ignore their network, I have never actually come across a numerical example of how this works. Do you happen to have a case example of this that I could use when talking to people about the concept?

Thanks for your help.

Question #9:

Dear Catherine:

There are people who have been saying that the amount of additional energy we’ve been generating from fracking will soon begin dissipating, leading to higher oil prices. What is your opinion on this?

Let’s Go to the Movies! Catherine reviews The Screwtape Letters and Monsters, Inc..

Interview Discussion Catherine discusses her interview with Franklin Sanders.


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“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” ~ Ephesians 6:12

By Catherine Austin Fitts

In recent months I have received an increasing number of requests to address spiritual warfare and the most powerful, invisible forces that operate in our world.

I asked Franklin Sanders, who serves as Reverend and minister of Christ Our Hope Reformed Episcopal Church in West Point, Tennessee where I am a member, to join me. An understanding of spiritual warfare is more than a personal interest. It has helped to bring us safely through some mighty dangerous times.

Franklin and I have agreed we can speak our minds, so be prepared for a serious yet very lively discussion. We will speak as Christians with an expectation to add value to our listeners whatever your spiritual practice.

In Money & Markets this week I will discuss the latest news in the financial markets and geopolitics.

In Let’s Go to the Movies, I will review a reading by John Cleese of The Screwtape Letters by C. S. Lewis as well as the animated cartoon movie, Monsters, Inc. These are two personal favorites that speak to critical aspects of spiritual warfare.

Talk to you Thursday!

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