3rd Quarter 2015 Wrap Up – News Trends & Stories with Dr. Joseph Farrell


“How often have I said to you that when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth?”
~ Sherlock Holmes in The Sign of the Four

By Catherine Austin Fitts

What an intense few months the summer and early fall has been! More than once I have sat in astonishment at the latest development and thought, “I wonder what Joseph has to say about this?”

I caught up with Dr. Joseph Farrell from Amsterdam last week for a transatlantic conversation to “chew through” the Third Quarter Top Stories. If you want to cut through the noise and get to the heart of what is going on around the world, this is a high-octane conversation for you.

Among the many topics we explore, Common Core and the sweeping changes to the US educational system have struck a nerve…and with good reason. Here’s part of what Dr. Farrell has to say:

Students are now taking their standardized tests on computers and the computer adjusts the questions according to the student’s responses. And all of this is being done by an anonymous group of people who have programmed the tests. So, you’re handing even more power over to the corporations that created the standardized testing nightmare in the first place.

In no standardized test is the student allowed sufficient opportunity to explain his or her process of reasoning. They are simply regurgitating pre-selected answers. And now, with the adaptive assessment that common core puts into place, we have a tracking mechanism (yet another level of surveillance) on an individual from the time they enter the school system until they leave. This assessment process is continuous and ongoing in that it will be used as a social engineering tool to steer people into the selected careers that the system desires.

This was precisely the goal of standardized testing to begin with. I view this as:

  • A social engineering tool
  • Another layer of the surveillance state
  • Another layer of corporate looting of the public trough
  • Nothing more than another mercantilist policy to favor the big corporations

And the bottom line is that it is already an educational failure.

This is also a system that will put America — and any other country adopting a similar type of educational system — into the bottom tier. Because, rest assured, countries such as Russia, China, India are not going to go in for this.

You cannot sustain any form of American financial or economic or military power if you cannot sustain the culture under-girding it. And you cannot sustain that if you have an educational system that thinks it’s going to get away with training people completely by robotics and faraway, anonymous educators.

Dr. Farrell’s comments on recent developments in Syria involving Russia and the US military are even more astounding. Indeed, a number of his insights on this subject are simply stunning!

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It’s the last week of October, so our next Money & Markets segment will be in the first week of November. At that time, I will also report on Secret Space Program 2015 where I will be a presenter. Organized by our great allies at GlobalBem, this year’s conference takes place outside of Austin, Texas on the weekend of October 31. Dr. Farrell and I will be joined by host Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt and an all-star cast of researchers and investigative reporters. If you are unable to attend, you can join us by stream — our discount code is here.

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  1. Greetings,
    What a great discussion.
    “… working hard to remain in a state of amusement…” LOVE THAT.
    In keeping w that sentiment:
    “Politics is the entertainment division of the Military Industrial Complex.”
    Frank Zappa
    Cheers and thx again,

    • Thank you Catherine & Dr. Farrell.
      A very accurate description of the catholic church by
      Dr. Farrell I might add.
      Your friend addressed my current Dilemma .
      How does one take advantage of technology
      with out it taking advantage of you?


  2. Hi Cathrine, You said Americans look at the Presidential race as entertainment. That may be so but there are probably many like myself who think that even if candidate got 99.999% of the vote as mandate it wouldn’t matter because of the corruption which you yourself mentioned; the government really exists to only serve the needs of the .001% and the Deep State – Military/Intelligence complex.

    • Agreed. It would determine which faction gets the pork implementing the policies and who gets the positions – where there is incremental policy swing related to issues that the Deep State is indifferent about or the competency with which it is done.

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