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Fear of bail-ins in Europe and the United States is growing. In part this fear developed because the bail-in pro- cess is complex and not well understood. Another reason for these fears is the possibility that governments will fail to keep their word and change the rules in a pinch. Recently when asked if it reserved the right to confiscate gold the US Treasury responded that in fact it reserved the right to confiscate all assets Regulators have also changed the rules on money market funds so that the funds can adjust to a rise in redemp- tions with mark-to-market pricing. This change shifts the burden to investors. Integrity of Sovereign Bank Corporate Credits As debt levels continue to grow so do concerns regarding credit quality. There is significant interdependence between governments banks and corporations and consequently these concerns transcend individual credits. They are also about general systemic issues. Cash and cash equivalent assets are highly dependent on sovereign and municipal government guarantees or insurance. And governments typically invest in sovereign and municipal bonds notes and bills. The weakening of sovereign credit weak- ens trillions of assets and institutions throughout the system. When Standard Poors lowered the US governments credit rating from AAA to AA it was not surprising to see the US Department of Justice target SP for an enforcement action. It is not a good sign when the best strategy of the government is to protect its bond rating with terror. When savers and investors in the US dollar consider their cash options they want to understand the impact of these changes on the value of the dollar versus the value of other fiat currencies or gold. They will also want to understand what a general deterioration in the US federal credit will mean to their cash manage- ment strategies. 10 I. Options For Stashing Cash