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H ere are the trends and stories from the 1st Quarter that will help you stay informed on current events particularly the ones likely to impact your time and money. ECONOMY FINANCIAL MARKETS Coming into 2016 the Federal Reserve pro- moted an expectation that the US economy and employment would grow out of the recession without further quantitative eas- ing. Improving conditions would support quarterly increases in interest rates. Market response to the small interest rate increase of the Fed in late 2015 and the global slow- down was sufficiently unnerving that the Fed backed down on further increases in the 1st Quarter. Concerns about the global economy and the strength and stability of the financial markets grew. 1. Global 3.0 The shift from Global 2.0 industrial economy to Global 3.0 networked econ- omy is accelerating. The divergence in economic strength be- tween cities and regions leading in Global 3.0 and other areas is becoming more pro- nounced. Nothing less than The Economist pointed out that the manner and levels of US corporate establishment profits have been unhealthy for the economy. Indeed consis- tently above market profits result from an increasingly lethal combination of advanced technology and political corruption. Invisible to the average person continued artificial intelligence and automation is sig- nificantly shifting the income and employ- ment landscape. Look for more discussions this year regarding minimum incomes or income guarantees in the developed world as robotics and other forms of automation reduce employment opportunities. Expect civil drone use to be approved in the US in 2016 resulting in an explosion of do- mestic applications in retail agriculture real estate and media for the foreseeable future. Varieties of Inequality The Great Divergence Business in America The Problem with Profits Elon Musk Says Google Deepminds Go Victory Is a 10-Year Jump For A.I. Dominos Unleashes Pizza-Delivery- Robot As 2 Out Of 3 Americans Expect Jobs To Be Automated Canada Plans to Experiment with Giv- ing People Unconditional Free Money G Plans to Beam 5G from Solar Drones 2. Surveillance Capitalism Every day brings another example of lawless- ness in the digital space. In March business professor Shoshana Zuboff published her ar- ticle on Surveillance Capital coining a term that brilliantly captures the systemic lawless- ness contributing to corporate profits. The Secrets of Surveillance Capitalism Zuboff is publishing a book on this topic next year. Meantime we are naming her Solari Hero for the 1st Quarter. 37 The problem is not to find the answer its to face the answer. Terence McKenna PLEASE NOTE The bold text in blue throughout this section indicates a hotlink that will take you to websites pages or videos which will provide more detailed information. Visit the site and use the search function to locate the items.