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I. Options For Stashing Cash Depository If you decide to use a professional deposito- ry instead of storage at home you need to consider The location of your depository do you want it within your jurisdiction or far away in an entirely different juris- diction You may want your cash gold silver and documents nearby so that you can access them quickly. Or you may want them in Switzerland or Singapore so that you have assets available to fund your needs globally. How much physical space do you need For example silver bars can add up in terms of volume and that can get expensive. Who will have access to the depository Do you want the registration to be arranged in an anonymous number or name Insurance do you want an insured facility or will you arrange for insurance through your own carrier Once you know what you want you can determine your options in the jurisdictions in which you are interested. Again a mint or some other precious metals dealer will sometimes serve as a depository for precious metals. There are inherent conflicts-of-interest in these roles and generally I discourage them unless the mint is government-affiliated. Remember if your jurisdiction moves to a cashless system or negative interest rates or both a cash stash in a depository could become expensive very quickly especially if you must fly to another jurisdiction to liqui- date your stash. Banks Your cash management options at most banks will include checking demand deposits savings money market deposit accounts and time deposits including certificates of depos- it. Sovereign deposit insurance is available on most or all forms of deposits in the developed countries. Numerous other assets purchased through or held by banks may not be insured including government bonds stocks mutual funds insurance products and or assets held in safe deposit boxes. Transaction Account httpsen.wikipedia.orgwikiTransaction_account Savings Account httpsen.wikipedia.orgwikiSavings_account Time Deposit httpsen.wikipedia.orgwikiTime_deposit Certificate of Deposit httpsen.wikipedia.orgwikiCertificate_of_deposit Money Market httpsen.wikipedia.orgwikiMoney_market Deposit insurance httpsen.wikipedia.orgwikiDeposit_insurance Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation FDIC httpsen.wikipedia.orgwikiFederal_Deposit_Insurance_Corporation FDIC Understanding Deposit Insurance httpswww.fdic.govdepositdeposits Brokered Deposits httpsen.wikipedia.orgwikiBankBrokered_deposits FDIC When a Broker Offers a Bank CD It Pays to Do Some Research httpswww.fdic.govconsumersconsumernews cnspr13cdsfrombrokers.html SEC High-Yield CDs Protect Your Money by Checking the Fine Print httpswww.sec.govinvestorpubscertific.htm Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council FFIEC Consumer Help Center httpwww.ffiec.govconsumercenter