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29 how to manage credit cards and get out of debt. They would then raise special tithes and pay off the debt of a family. Over time the church congregation working together was able to significantly improve its mem- bers financial condition. While we all need to beware the deteriora- tion of ethics in our personal networks opportunities to financially support our allies as their support us is how we build powerful networks. I had to laugh during the financial crisis in 2008. I spoke to one investor who was in the process of buying a Swiss sovereign bond but discovered that the interest rates had turned negative on the Swiss bonds inasmuch as so many investors were seek- ing safety. I asked her what she had done. She said instead she transferred the money to and proceeded to make inter- est-free loans to entrepreneurs throughout the emerging and frontier markets. Ap- parently no interest rates were better than negative interest rates. Besides she said she knew the entrepreneurs would pay her back Anonymous Servers There is a tremendous amount of excite- ment in many quarters around cryptocur- rencies including Bitcoin. Cryptocurrencies are not yet candidates for cash management. Their custodian networks depends on digital systems and websites that are insecure their regulator and tax treat- ment are typically uncertain and their values can fluctuate even widely. It is a bit like depositing funds in the middle of a foreign war zone. As mentioned previously one of my con- cerns is that a lot of good-hearted people are spending time and money prototyping and developing Mr. Globals digital currencies for him one that gets the leadership out of maintaining sovereign deposit insurance and will give then yet again another intelli- gence advantage in surveillance capital. Many of my allies argue that this is where things are going to go anyway so we might as well jump on board and learn how these digital fiat currencies work. That argument has merit. Just understand that your expen- ditures on cryptocurrencies are prototypes and are highly speculative in nature. Cryptocurrencies are not yet options for cash and cash management. This concludes our overview of cash man- agement options. If I could remind you of one word you want to focus on it is excel- lence. In a risky environment caution is advised. You want to seek out the highest quality in custodians issuers securities and service providers.