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39 GEOPOLITICS The more central banks and governments assert centralized control of economies the more our attention is drawn to the politics of resource control and allocations. 4. The Shift to a Multipolar- World Saker has agreed to join us on the Solari Report quarterly to help sort out what it means to move to a multipolar world. Signs abound about the transition under- way. Tensions between the United States and Russia continue with the US actively intervening to block Russia from accessing capital in the international bond market. The importance of the South China Sea was underscored as tensions grew. China spent the 1st Quarter on a global shopping spree to lock up long-term access to income and resources. This included winning Swiss Sygenta for 43 billion after the Swiss had turned down a US offer another indi- cation of the market clout of 1.3 billion consumers. Global frustration with events in the Middle East and Ukraine were voiced by no less than President Obama in a tell-all interview in the Atlantic Monthly More Banks Steer Clear of Russias Bond Sale South China Sea Takes Center Stage at U.S.-ASEAN Summit BP The US Will Be Energy Indepen- dent in 5 Years Swiss Syngenta Finally Say Yes to 43 Billion ChemChina Deal The Neocon Bog Turkey Syria Saudi Arabia Israel Ukraine Atlantic Monthlys The Obama Doctrine 5. The Silk Road Grows Despite the global slowdown the develop- ing world continues to embrace the future. Increased connection is happening at high speed whether trains between China and Eurasia cut transport times by more than half hundreds of millions of Indians get online or China buys into exchanges to improve connection and liquidity between Asia and the global markets. First Silk Road Train Arrives in Iran from China Online Retailing in India The Great Race Marriott wins back Sheraton-owner Starwood with New Offer Chinese Investor Group to Buy Chicago Stock Exchange 6. EU Whats Next While our personal reports are that Europe is as lovely and charming as ever the news is full of tensions in the European Union and the enormous pressures from immigration. Summer is coming with a British referen- dum on the EU and with likely increases in potential immigration. Mark Carney EU Exit is Biggest Domestic Risk Norway Warns Sweden Will Collapse PM Will Defy Geneva Convention To Protect Border 7. US Presidential Campaign Rocks the World When the campaign began I recommended spending no more than 10 hours paying attention and voting for someone under 60 years of age. As things turned out I did not