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4 Introduction The rules of this world were simply not built for your benefit. And in an era of extreme economic change whose only corollary is the first Industrial Revolution there are no safe harbours left only the comparative safety of the ocean. Your goal is not to find a quiet secure job somewhere near an affordable suburb settle down and then wait for death. The economy that supported such ambitious goals is ending. The developed world is now in a state of permanent structural instability. Seeking after stability is a recipe for homelessness in your late middle age years. In todays world security only comes from embracing opportunity. And opportunity is not randomly distributed in either space or time. It must be pursued and seized. Gordon White from The Chaos Protocols By Catherine Austin Fitts A fter many years of kicking the can on numerous environmental and economic imbalances we have entered the endgame on the industri- al economy Global 2.0 while experiencing the birth and explosive growth in the postindustrial industries Global 3.0. The one thing that is not deflating in the industrial economy is liabilities. Debt. Pension fund obligations. Health care obligations. Rich with reinvest- ment Global 3.0 does not share any of these concerns. Fueled by equity and youthful talent it is engineering and applying new dazzling technologies. The 1st Quarter was intense with these changes. Global leadership struggled to adapt. In the United States political and business leadership are being downsized. It is increasingly their turn to feel expendable. Power is shifting to a younger generation more comfortable with technology and more adaptable to a multipolar world. The exception was the US presidential primary campaigns in which the candidates over age 70 displayed the courage to break ranks with official reality. SOURCE WIKIPEDIA