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16 Governments may also act as custodians for precious metals holdings through an affiliated mint. Post offices in many countries facilitate money orders and end up serving as custodians for the resulting float. In some countries post offices may have affiliated banks. When tax overpayments are rolled over the government is acting as a custodian for a cash- like instrument. When I ran Hamilton Secu- rities I insisted that the firm be aggressive in paying estimated taxes. This sum turned out to be a fantastic cash reserve that saved my ba- con when the nightmare scenario came true. 6. Payment Systems There are numerous types of payment sys- tems including e-commerce payment systems that facilitate transactions and issue money orders and travelers checks. In essence they end up serving as custodians for the resulting float. 7. Consumer Goods Companies and Vendors I typically maintain a balance of 50 to 100 on my Starbucks card. Starbucks has done very well financing itself with prepaid sales through payment and gift cards as part of their digital and mobile-friendly strategies. At any given moment consumer goods com- panies are responsible as practical custodians for an enormous float as a result of such payment mechanisms. Whether I stockpile them or use them as Christmas and birthday presents these cards and online credits are a growing alternative form of cash. If you use them please make sure that you do so without losing a large skim to fees and transaction costs. Numerous phone cards border on the fraudulent with high transaction costs and fees. Prepaying vendors may be another way to stockpile cash. You need to make sure that you limit this practice to vendors who can be trusted to perform even if you prepay. I have always tried to pay vendors as quickly as possible rather than waiting the requisite 30 days. I have found that paying quickly trans- lates into good communication and trust when trouble comes. 8. Personal Network One way to keep cash balances outside the financial systems is to gift or to make loans to trusted family members and friends. Solari Report subscribers have often heard the story of my realizing that I had loaned or given 250000 to family and friends. As actions by the federal government cut off my sources of personal and business income and credit the slow return of those funds kept me afloat for years. Without that capital and goodwill I would never have made it. These are cash balances that ambitious regulators and tax authorities will be hard pressed to seize. I would add community loan funds and CDFI httpsen.wikipedia.orgwikiCommunity_development_ financial_institution Hawala httpsen.wikipedia.orgwikiHawala Cryptocurrency httpsen.wikipedia.orgwikiCryptocurrency Bitcoin httpsen.wikipedia.orgwikiBitcoin I. Options For Stashing Cash