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41 and related health care benefits to weigh in heavily for preventive health care and effec- tive natural treatments. Documentary Streams Globally Truth About Cancer Federal Australian Governments No Jab No Pay Law Sparks Run on Vac- cines Cheerios Maker General Mills to Label GMOs in U.S. Products 11. Zero Integrity Systems How in the world are we going to depend on digital systems that have zero integrity Nuts Someone ought to explain to all the people crowing about the Internet of things that they are currently outfitting the worlds most frightening battle zone. This is one of the reasons that productivity has flattened. US Government Hands Cyber-Security to Military New Tech Shows Why You Cant Trust Anything You See on the News The IRS Says Identity Thieves Hacked Its Systems Again Etherum Towards a New Bit Society 5 things you need to know about the plan to open source artificial intelligence THE BIG QUESTIONS I keep coming back to the big questions like who are really in charge and why are they behaving this way 12. What does Richmond Valentine Want In the movie Kingsman The Secret Service Samuel Jackson plays a technology entre- preneur who hands out free SIM cards that allow him to mind-control individuals and nearby crowds through electromagnetic manipulation delivered through his global satellite system. Whenever anyone asks me what is going to happen in the campaign my response is It depends on what Rich- mond Valentine wants. This is what hap- pens when an increasing number of news stories are created by reality TV produc- tion companies. The Kingsman Campaign 13. The Future of Cash Cash is a form of currency that provides citizens with the ultimate luxury privacy. Take cash away and all transactions can be monitored and tracked. This also means that negative interest rates can be applied with much greater effect. One of the many benefits of moving to an all-digital platform is that it eases a shift to cyrptocurrencies. If successful this shift could significantly reduce governmental liabilities for deposit insurance. Norways Biggest Bank Calls For Country To Stop Using Cash Central Banks Beat Bitcoin at Own Game with Rival Supercurrency The 1st Quarter was intense. My pre- diction expect the intensity to increase throughout the 2nd Quarter and 2016. Thanks to all the subscribers who sent great story suggestions in the 1st Quarter