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11 Disinformation Fear Porn OK here goes Catherine on her soapbox. There is incoherent thinking and disin- formation rolling around the Internet and news media. This disinformation is often combined with entrainment and subliminal programming. The goals vary. There are some who wish to create confusion or to keep their readers in a state of fear. Others want to harm those who remain independent of the system. It is good business for the deep state to weaken those who under- stand and oppose its methods. And the deep state can afford to spend a lot of money doing so. However some of this incoherence comes from people who have a limited understanding or are just plain angry. Lets face it anger is an understandable reaction to the fraud in the system. And some news sources even find that fear helps them sell more products. Oth- ers are simply frauds their antifraud speeches provide air-cover for scams. Financial risks can be defined and managed without fear. If a news source or financial marketing is putting you into fear turn it off delete it or hang up the phone or the chat box Our goal at the Solari Report is to help you think through the primary issues and options so that you can interact with financial institutions and providers with basic intellectual mastery in a state of coherence. Going Cashless If you want to worry about something that is worth worrying about I suggest that you worry about sovereign gov- ernments cancelling physical cash. In this case all of your fiat currency will be in the data cloud. Your balances and transactions will be accessible in real- time and integrated with all the other government and central bank databases in a manner that can be used to tax to manage and to manipulate you. Your money will then be a part of what I have referred to as the databeast. The argument to go cashless is all about lowering transaction costs a goal of particular importance when you are trying to create payment systems in the emerging and frontier markets that can ultimately lead to one or more global digital currencies. However the centralization of currency control has been devastating to local economies. Going cashless will do more of the same. Savers and investors are increasingly asking how can I keep cash if gov- ernments and central banks push for a cashless society First and foremost please push back Read Why We Should Fear a Cashless World here httpssolari.comblogwhy-we-should-fear-a-cashless-world