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15 numbers please do not lose your number. Example Das Safe in Vienna Austria httpwww.dassafe.come_index.html Some mints that make precious metals coins and bars may also provide depository services. Precious metals dealers sometimes offer depository services something that I and Solari Report guests generally discourage. Some depositories will permit you to autho- rize an accounting firm or law firm to act as your agent. Some permit online access and communication. The advantage of a deposi- tory is that it is not part of the financial sys- tem although it may have affiliations. You are holding an asset outside the banking and brokerage transaction and settlements systems. 3. Depository Institution Most people in the United States hold cash in one or more depository institutions that accept and transfer monetary deposits from consumers including savings banks com- mercial banks savings and loan associations and credit unions. Many depository institutions also offer safe deposit boxes for those who prefer to deposit physical cash and valuables in the same place where they deposit cash in the banking system. Increased government regulation and con- trol of banks is often cited as a reason why people prefer to store valuables at an inde- pendent depository as opposed to a deposi- tory institution. Credit unions are member-owned coop- eratives and are another popular form of depository institution. 4. Brokerage Firm or Broker-Dealer You can hold cash and cash equivalents in a brokerage firm that offers access to a wide variety of securities options not available at a bank although some banks have a bro- kerage or asset management affiliate. You will want to make sure that you understand who the custodian for your firm is typi- cally the firm is the custodian if it is a large institution and that you understand who provides clearance services. 5. Government Some governments act as custodians for direct investment in government bills notes and bonds. For example US Treasury Direct Trade httpswww.treasurydirect.govtdhome.htm Perth Mint CFQ6naQodd04BjQ RBC Mint Kiwibank httpsen.wikipedia.orgwikiKiwibank Western Union httpsen.wikipedia.orgwikiWestern_Union E-commerce Payment Systems httpsen.wikipedia.orgwikiE-commerce_payment_system PayPal httpsen.wikipedia.orgwikiPayPal Gift Card httpsen.wikipedia.orgwikiGift_card Payment Cards httpsen.wikipedia.orgwikiPayment_card