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I. Options For Stashing Cash CASH MANAGEMENT OPTIONS N ow that you have thought through what cash you want for what purposes and what reliable custodians are available to satisfy those purposes it is time to review the options under the umbrella of the types of custodians. This is an overview of options not an exhaustive or detailed list. Consequently once you have built your framework and you know what you would like to see it will pay to drill down into the particulars of specific custodian offerings. The Custodian You Where you are your own custodian you can hold cash in the currency bills and coin that is legal tender in your jurisdiction as well as in currencies from other jurisdictions. Foreign currencies are generally available from large banks and currency exchange businesses in money centers or at interna- tional airports. Because I consider precious metals to be a form of money I would consider them as cash. As interest rates stay low or even go negative precious metals become more attractive relative to fiat currency. If govern- ments shift to cashless precious metals coins and bars will become even more attractive. You can put them in your pocket and walk down the road to bribe the border guards See our Precious Metals Market Reports library at the Solari Report resources area for discussions of the relative merits of holding gold and silver and of using gold and silver coins to provide liquidity. Our online Silver and Gold Payment Exchange Calculator assists you in converting between gold and silver coins and global currencies. You can also hold cash in the form of money orders travelers checks gift and payment cards and stamps particularly if they have forever values. In addition you can maintain securities cer- tificates at home. However if you do so you will limit their liquidity. Getting certificates out of the system and getting them back in is becoming more and more expensive and cumbersome. My preference is to keep secu- rities within the system with rare exception. CASH httpsen.wikipedia.orgwikiCash COIN Legal tender httpsen.wikipedia.orgwikiLegal_tender Jurisdiction httpsen.wikipedia.orgwikiJurisdiction Banknote httpsen.wikipedia.orgwikiBanknote Precious Metal httpsen.wikipedia.orgwikiPrecious_metal Travelers Check httpsen.wikipedia.orgwikiTravelers_cheque Money Order httpsen.wikipedia.orgwikiMoney_order Time based currency httpsen.wikipedia.orgwikiTime-based_currency Barter httpsen.wikipedia.orgwikiBarter International Reciprocal Trade Association IRTA https en.wikipedia.orgwikiInternational_Reciprocal_Trade_Association Sharing economy httpsen.wikipedia.orgwikiSharing_economy Freecycle network