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follow my own advice. Trump and Sanders kept creating cracks in the official reality that made for an interesting conversation and gave more people permission to talk about reality. However the defining quality of the campaign was mind control inspiring me to name it The Kingsman Campaign. The campaign raised real concerns among investors that America was not in a position to face and address the challenges ahead. One bright spot Howard Schultz head of Starbucks reminded us that what is im- portant is not the decisions we make every four years but the ones we make every day. Indeed consumer pressures are bringing positive changes in many areas including GMO labeling. The Kingsman Campaign Every Day We Have a Choice 8. Assassinations Covert Operations Get Obvious Lawlessness is not limited to the digital space. Awareness is growing of the use of covert operations and assassinations to implement centralized control as various cartels and factions compete. Doctors Who Discovered Cancer En- zymes In Vaccines All Found Murdered Accused Kalamazoo Gunman Told Po- lice Uber App Took Over His Mind and Body April 2016 The Temple Of Baal Will Be Erected In Times Square In New York City Was Justice Scalia murdered Forget conspiracy theory. This is real. SCIENCETECHNOLOGY The 1st Quarter was full of indications that the energy model is changing with projec- tions of renewables growth showing sharp increases over the next five years. Clearly technology is driving the shift from Global 2.0 to Global 3.0. 9. The Space-Based Economy Our theme for the 2015 Annual Wrap Up published in January was Space Here We Go. Sure enough signs of the space-based economy are everywhere. Lockheed Martin the leading defense contractor announced the formation of an energy group. What will be fascinating to see is whether the new energy comes from the oil and gas industry or from the companies such as Lockheed that have managed the black budget for de- cades. A recent Boeing ad indicated that in 100 years our electricity would be supplied by solar power plants in the orbital plat- form. The implication is that aeronautics and satellites may be more important to our future energy sources than drilling. Boeing Superbowl Ad Just You Wait Space The Final Frontier NASA Establishes Planetary Defense Office Lockheed Martin Forms Energy Group 10. Health Freedom Reality is bursting through the official nar- rative throughout the health sector and the centralized team is pushing back hard. Fights over cancer treatments vaccines and GMOs are escalating. However the momentum is gathering behind the truth helped by the inability of developed econ- omies to fund the pharmaceutical vision. Expect the underfunding of pension funds 40 II. News Stories Trends