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35 PLEASE REMEMBER B efore closing there are certain principles that I want to recommend to you that can help you determine the optimal cash management strategy for you. Diversification Do not keep your resources including your cash in one place. You want to have redundant options and not be dependent on any one custodian to perform. Multiple accounts and relationships may require more time and more paperwork. It is worth your time and effort. No Privacy Privacy is important. You should strive to achieve it. Use passwords on digital documents that contain confiden- tial information. Keep your private financial statements under lock and key so that people coming in and out of your home cannot access them. Learn about how to protect your computer and online accounts from com- promise or identity theft including checking and recon- ciling your accounts regularly. This includes checking brokerage accounts after trades are executed or deposits and transfers are made. You need to assume that in the worst case there is no privacy. Do not allow others to get leverage over you because you have broken the law or engaged in illegal or unethical behavior. Seek Excellence Seek excellence in the people and institutions with whom and which you share data and you entrust with your assets. You cannot be too careful. Never compromise on the quality of your relationships and custodians to get yield. Many of us grew up in a world where you could pretty much depend on the regulators and the business community to ensure basic integrity within the system. The world has changed. The person you must depend on to ensure integrity is you. Intellectual Mastery Develop confidence that you can achieve intellectual mastery of any issues related to your cash management or finances. Never do anything you do not understand. Never feel rushed or pressured to make a decision. If someone or something inspires fear on a regular basis replace them with someone who helps you achieve intel- lectual mastery. Build Relationships Financial institutions are required to know your cus- tomer. This is also best practice. You want to know peo- ple at the companies you do business with and you want them to know you. First in person meetings are import- ant due diligence. You will learn a lot by meeting people in person including that it is whether the an institution that does or does not feel right for you. Second things go wrong. It helps to have relationships that facilitate effective communication when they do. Redundant Archives Maintain redundant copies of your legal documents contracts and financial statements in multiple locations preferably in fireproof safes or storage. Remember he who archives writes history. You are Special Every person is unique. Your needs your approach to risk management your goals your situation are all unique you do not fit into a box that can be standardized. Do not accept advice from people who do not under- stand the specifics of your situation or imply that one size fits all. That is why the best approach is to take responsibility to understand what you need and insist that the financial providers help you master your financial affairs. Ultimately you are the governor the chairman of the board overseeing your money. Whatever happens to your money you are responsible for the consequences. I believe you can and will do a great job for you