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28 I. Options For Stashing Cash Government Sovereign governments sometimes offer ways of investing through the government directly as a custodian. In these cases you are limited to the options they offer as the issuer. Treasury Direct Trade is a US Treasury website where you can purchase and redeem securities directly from the US Department of the Treasury in paperless electronic form including Treasury bills notes bonds TIPs and savings bonds. Government mints sell coins and may offer custodian services. Examples include the US Mint the RBC Mint and the Perth Mint. Consumer Goods Companies and Vendors I covered many of the options in our dis- cussion of consumer good companies and vendors as custodians. Whether gift and payment cards phone cards or credits with companies you use or vendors with whom you do business think of creative ways of keeping your cash working for you without having it in a financial institution. If nega- tive interest rates head your way a reputable phone card may hold value better than the cash in a financial institution or brokerage account. Good will from a vendor is better than paying a financial tax in the form of negative interest rates. Personal Networks Personal networks have always been one of the most interesting areas of cash manage- ment for the families that I have known as subscribers or clients. I have seen many grandparents and parents gift or transfer funds to children and grand- children where the funds pay for educations and first-time homes rather than have to deal with taking responsibility for preserv- ing it in a corrupt financial system. Families and friends also make personal loans. Some- times these are very successful. However sometimes they discover that corruption is everywhere sometimes in untrustworthy family members. Some of my experience with savings clubs and circles has been with immigrant groups who did not trust the privacy and confi- dentiality of the banking system but could trust each other. One of the most gratifying examples I have seen was a church in Norfolk Virginia that counseled the congregation members about